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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 13, 2012 2:00am-3:00am EST

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maybe we can hit 10 million mark because this is the opportunity for kids to get christmas presents and have a happy christmas. merry christmas. keep it here on fox news channel. we'll see you on gretawire in five seconds. good night from washington, d.c.. >> dana: hello. i'm dana perino with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, eric bolling, greg gutfeld. it's 5 verz in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: so the fall-out continues from david petraeus' shocking resignation from the c.i.a. late last friday afternoon. there is new information and new questions about the timing of his departure. it came three days after the presidential election. but there were reports that the administration and others may have been aware of the allegations before then. joining to us short it out is bret baier, host of "special report." bret? >> hi. the big story today the multiple threads of this
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investigation of the resignation of c.i.a. director general david petraeus. fox news can confirm that attorney general eric holder was informed in late summer that the f.b.i. was investigating general petraeus at that time. however, we're told that holder was not given details during that period. source tells us that is consistent with long-standing bureau policy not to brief congress or the white house in the middle of a criminal investigation. when it does notvo a security threat -- not involve a security threat. members of congress wanted to be briefed, they said. it appears the probe began when a petraeus family friend reported to the f.b.i. she was receiving anonymous threatening e-mails and investigators linked those e-mails to paula broadwell, the general's biographer. the tone of the e-mail suggested that broadwell perceived the woman as a romantic rival. the facebook reportedly discovered the affair between broadwell and petraeus. as far as the timing there are reports that the investigation concluded just before the
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election. we're told paula broadwell's second and time interview with f.b.i. was on the friday before the election. that is when they were able to formally conclude no crimes were committed. now also classified documents were found on her computer but officials say there was no indication that petraeus was the source. director of national intelligence james clapper is said to have learned about the t on election day and asked the general to resign on thursday. the general went to the white house friday and the president accepted the resignation. senate intelligence committee chair dianne feinstein said the news was like a lightning bolt. top former aide to petraeus said the general is devastated. a former spokesman for petraeus said the jep's wife of 38 years is furious. white house officials insist they were first told of the investigation wednesday. the president thursday. but three well-placed intelligence sources say john
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brennan, the president's chief counterterrorism advisor was aware of the affair as early as summer of 2011. something his spokesman denies. now petraeus was scheduled to testify this week at a hearing on the september 11 terror attack that left the u.s. ambassador to libya dead, along with three other americans. of now, he will not participate. but many on capita capitol hilly they will need to hear from him and that may change. we are following this as it develops. >> dana: thank you so much. he'll have much more on this on "special report." as soon as we're done with "the five" i have to run upstairs. i have to find out more. there are more layers than any story we dealt with in a long time. are you surprised it was a criminal investigation that they were looking into? >> kimberly: no. it's cyber harassment. that is also why the f.b.i. was involved. when you receive threatening e-mails, that she perceived her life was in danger or she was in danger of a risk or threat by this, serious enough
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she contacted a friend in the f.b.i. that is how the whole thing, the spool of thread started to unravel and that led back to the scandal and the affair. >> dana: what bret said raised my eyebrows. clapper knows about this for a year. eric holder knows about it in august. white house, somebody from the white house said that the president asked petraeus to reconsider. but it sound to me if clapper went to him and asked him to resign -- some of this stinks. >> eric: there are a thousand questions surrounding the probe. number one, first and foremost, joe kelly, how does she get an f.b.i. probe? when the f.b.i. probe finds out there is no criminal activity, how did it shoot straight up the ladder and jump over to the politics? how did representative reichert contacted by rogue f.b.i. agent -- i call rogue because he is going beyond what the scope of duty should be. he contacts representative
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reichert who contact cantor's office? why does the representative's office sit on it for two weeks? is there no process, method in which a congressional committee, hearing could have been heard weeks ago if not months ago regarding all they found? >> dana: i agree. juan, so do you remember when seven u.s. attorneys let go in the bush administration. they were political appointees and it was a big story, front page news. one of the major thread of the story was president bush told about this an why wasn't he told? on the scale of it compared to this, eric holder find out there is a criminal investigation, do you think that he ever thought maybe i should inform the president of the united states that his top central -- the c.i.a. officer, the top intel person might be compromised? >> juan: i don't think it's the line of authority. what you heard from bret baier he didn't know details. if you called me up and said
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hey, juan, it's dana. i want to till you something going on. and i said tell me what is going on? you would haven't that information. all you know as the chief law enforcement office, attorney general, f.b.i., because of the sibling rivalry that exists between the f.b.i. and c.i.a. is making sure that you know they are doing this and they are saying we have no evidence of any criminal finding at this point. but we want you to know we are doing this. okay. let me know what you find next. >> dana: congress is supposed to exercise the oversight authority, they're not happy either. including democrat senator dianne feinstein who spoke yesterday on this. >> we received no advance notice. it was like a lightning bolt. this is something that could have had an effect on national security. we should have been told. there is a way to do it. to inform the chair and vice chairman of both committees. >> dana: she is right. they want to get to the bottom
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of this but not the bottom of the other story, which is the key to this, who pushed the video. >> greg: yeah. itlatiothis gives us an abilityo focus on libya without looking at lib yeah. you flood the airway with so much data, the meet log call jargon you don't know if it is going to rain or not. the story on benghazi is blurred so they hope you move on to sports. you talk about an administration that is transparent. but they cover more flaws than max factor. this idea that holder knew and that obama didn't, holder and obama are so close, that when obama is hungry, holder's stomach growls. so they talk. by the way, what is her name? broadwell would call petraeus -- her nickname was peaches. that oddly is my nickname for o'reilly. >> dana: you have experience of two women fighting over you
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all the time. kimberly and i are always e-mailing each other nasty things. i'm one step away from calling the f.b.i. [ laughter ] >> eric: you brought up something important. blame the video. a lot of people scratch their head while petraeus blamed the video throw days after the september 11 attacks. two days after he blamed the video, susan rice went out there. subsequent to this we found out of day one, the obama administration, the intel community, even knew it wasn't video, it was the terror attack. why would petraeus do it? was there something held over his head where he said go out there and say video? otherwise we'll blow it wide open. that is a theory. >> greg: obama should arrest the director of "fatal attraction" and say it caused her to go after paula broadwell. maybe petraeus didn't want to
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say certain things in the testimony. >> dana: he finally said, if broadwell had the final interview the week before the election. can you manual wha imagine the t the f.b.i. who had to con front david petraeus. what it's like to say by the way, sir, we know you've been having an apair with the biographer, because there is another woman upset about it. i wonder if he knew all along. i don't believe he was given a polygraph test when he went to afghanistan, running afghanistan to being the c.i.a. director. i'm not sure if it's out of line, but it seems to me a problem. >> kimberly: there should be in terms of how they hand this, the protocol to go in and get a full security background check. there can be a change in circumstances. like elicit affair, et cetera, things to compromise national security, access to information.
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she is maintaining she didn't receive access through general. but maybe access and being around him through others. that is a real, i. if he didn't go through the process. something could come up. >> juan: he says the affair did not take place in afghanistan. he said started afterwards. if he had the polygraph he would have been able to properly say i don't have an affair. let me say, if he did have the affair while he was the general, that could endanger his retirement, his future funds because it's a crime. >> dana: you could be demoted from four-star general to two-star general. >> juan: the second thing to say some of you at this wonderful table have conspiracy theories. >> greg: who told you to say that, juan? >> kimberly: tell us the name! >> juan: i have a video. general petraeus can still testify. >> dana: why didn't president obama ask him to? >> eric: that is not what i said. i said he did testify.
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just he did. >> eric: he testified it was the video. >> juan: now they ask him to testify again. >> eric: underneath. >> juan: he can testify. correct. he did. he could testify again. there is nothing -- your suggestion was because of the knowledge that that was taking place, he could have been told shut up, kid. don't say a word. >> eric: that's not my contention. i need to clear this up. on september 13, he testified under oath and blamed the video. now subsequent to that we know that everyone in the intel community, including c.i.a.,step c.i.a. according to their own timeline prior to september 13 said it wasn't the video. >> juan: that is not what the intelligence assessment said according to james clapper. >> kimberly: new information and development he should step forward and be questioned. he was scheduled to be questioned and they substituted in the deputy director. >> dana: buried in this is d.o. d/b/a anonymous briefing friday night that reporters in washington would accept briefing from d.o.d. supposed to be factual but on the record say there is
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nothing to see here from the rest of the administration is crazy to me. but maybe i'm crazy. >> greg: you're not crazy. just mildly insane. the bigger question, we haven't mentioned unless i wasn't listening was it covered up until after the election which would compromise safety in favor of politics? which is disgusting, like that hasn't happened, has it, in benghazi or anything else? >> kimberly: "fast and furious." >> greg: drones. all the things are happening after election. >> there were republicans who knew about it. >> greg: but they didn't know enough of it, right? not all of it. >> eric: there is reason to believe that cantor's office knew a week before the office. >> greg: he didn't know who it was. >> juan: yeah. >> greg: did he? >> juan: yeah. a minute ago you had holder and obama so close. now republicans knew about it. conspiracy theory doesn't -- >> greg: who is controlling your mind? >> juan: the bad left wingers. they have worms coming out of our ears. >> dana: i don't trend to
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the conspiracy theory but in this one is not hard to get there. >> eric: embrace it. >> dana: this is what we need to know. what do we know about paula broadwell? woman involved with general petraeus. we'll tell you what we learned when we come back. ♪ ♪ ely.
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♪ ♪ >> kimberly: as we learn more about the affair that rocked washington and led to david petraeus 'resignation, there is new questions about his mistress paula broadwell. she is promoting her book about general petraeus she discussed the relationship with don imus on fox business. >> he came to speak at harvard while he was the commander at fort leavenworth. i was studying at the time. group of students was asked to meet with him after he gave a presentation too the entire stunt body. i went up to him and said i'm working on this research and i would love your feedback or connect with folks in your military organization to share
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these ideas. he gave me his card. we kept in touch then basically via e-mail. occasionally if i was in washington, he was in washington we'd go for a run. >> he must have liked you obviously. you obviously liked him, i guess. >> we had a lot of rapport. >> kimberly: that is up with way of putting it. so on the subject of rapport. you also have rapport with me. you told me -- [ inaudible ] was at it good idea for her to do the book with him? she is in a relationship with him? >> greg: two points. three. one, she modeled for a machine gun maker which is amazing itself. this is what happens with men and biographers. think about it for most of your married life your wife heard every one of your stoits and doesn't want to hear them anymore. then a young women sits there and hears all of your stories and all of a sudden you think you're interesting again.
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here is somebody who listens to it. i got to say i'm still bummed we are talking about this. because this is the shiny object, you show in front of a baby so they don't see the more disturbing object which is benghazi. we are going to spend our time this week and the week after talking about an affair because an affair is a sexier story than the tragedy and the terror that occurred in libya. i'm bummed about it. it's an entertaining story. but it's shiny object. this is the shiny object. >> juan: can baby huie speak up? she is jacked. she has muscles, dude. what surprised me about her, she is a military success story. major at west point. then went to harvard. >> --tch lished woman. accomplished woman. >> kimberly: and reserve article so there is legal implications with her conduct. adultery, conduct unbecoming. just would they go after
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reserve officer? >> kimberly: who knows. >> juan: if they go after her, they bet gore after petraeus. >> dana: they brought down a c.i.a. officer. i think they would go after her for that. >> juan: you think? >> kimberly: is it a distraction? is it shocking that the main stream media seized to this and refused to embrace and go after the real story which is benghazi? this is alacious, this is interesting -- this is salacious and interesting. there are so many subplots. f.b.i. going after the c.i.a. we know they are competitive. how does a woman jo kelly in florida get f.b.i. investigation going. >> juan: she was the liaison to the joint -- >> eric: regardless. you and i get a lot of hateful e-mails. >> juan: no, no, no. >> eric: am i getting f.b.i. investigation? >> juan: she was in tough with the military and f.b.i. her le jate mitt -- >> eric: here is the point. miss broadwell is irrelevant.
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irrelevant. no national security breaches or security breaches. no crimes committed. this should have gone away and petraeus should have testified wednesday or thursday. he should still be the director of the c.i.a. ably qualified. >> juan: my wife said the same thing. what about blackmail? it's known now so you can't blackmail him. but listen, you have to have total trust in the c.i.a. director. the credibility as to be beyond -- >> kimberly: uncompromised. just it's right. you -- >> juan: that's right. you can't have questions about it. when you say people have affairs. bill clinton went on and president after the affair. not with an c.i.a. director. the truth is -- >> kimberly: but she sent e-mails, with the allegations threatening e-mails, large number of them and they were from a non- - -- >> juan: i agree but eric says that broadwell's comments shouldn't be --
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>> eric: they're not relevant. >> juan: i think they are. kimberly said they were threatening. >> eric: a lot of people -- if the f.b.i. spent their time trying and finding and trying cases of threatening e-mails they would have no time to find terrorists. >> greg: they would be all over dana with what she says. what did you say about my dog? >> kimberly: i'll get you. >> dana: working with greg is the delightful thing. earlier in the first report bret baier said mrs. petraeus is reported to be furious. that might be using -- they might want to look in thesaurus and find a more strong adjective to describe it. i'm sure also they are heart broken. miss broadwell also is married and has two sons. a lot of heartache going here. hard to deal with it when you're by yourself. affairs of the heart are something you'd like to deal with privately. he was a top intel officer. one of america's great heroes. now a lot of people are left disappointed.
2:23 am
congress is asking good questions at this point. now they will ask v to ask about -- have to ask about benghazi. >> greg: i can introduce a new word? all right. >> kimberly: what? >> greg: have the camera look at me. there we go. if it were a republican, this story would be so -- nobody remembers the valerie blame affair. this makes it look like episode of "friends." >> kimberly: how do you pronounce that? >> greg: "iiwar." if this were mccain or anybody else, it would be -- >> juan: you think republicans don't love david petraeus? >> greg: i'm saying if it was an republican administration. >> eric: it would be fantastic if president obama refused to take his resignation. >> dana: but if he were to accept it condition would be i'll accept if it you agree to voluntarily testify next week in front of congress because we want to get all the
2:24 am
answers. >> juan: there is no inbition. >> kimberly: he has time on his hands now. can you manual, go back to afghanistan again? honey pass the remote. not good at that house now. >> eric: he could be subpoenaed. >> kimberly: he should be compelled to testify. as an honorable man -- >> juan: the difference in washington. there is not of he got his. >> kimberly: everyone is sad. >> juan: he was a good guy. >> kimberly: he has done a lot for the country. >> greg: but it was still held until after the election. >> kimberly: all right, greg. we'll get to that. who pushed the video. when we come back, should republicans cave, compromise or fight on issues of raising taxes and fiscal cliff? what is a smart strategy? we'll discuss it ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ fare thee well ♪ farewell ♪ mr. gloom be on your way ♪ ♪ though you haven't any money you can still be bright and sunny ♪ ♪ sing polly wolly doodle all the day ♪
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♪ hah
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back, everybody. turn to aftermath of the 2012 election cycle loss on the grand old party. listen to david axelrod's read on what the election results mean with regards to tax and spend liberalism. >> the president believes it's more equitable to get that from the wealthiest americans who have done very well. and frankly don't need those tax cuts. and who benefited disproportionately from tax cuts in the last decade. most americans agree with that. >> eric: well, not exactly, david. the polls said the opposite, with 63% saying do not raise my taxes to our debt problems. let me try and explain something to you. we conservatives cannot become more liberal. we cannot waiver.
2:30 am
smaller government, less spending and low tax rates work. that's why this comment from bill kristol has me shaking my head. >> it won't kill the country if we raise taxes a little bit on millionaires. it won't, i don't think. i don't understand why republicans won't take obama's offer to freeze taxes to everyone below $2350,000, make it $1 million. really? the republican party is going to fall on their sword to protect millionaires half of whom vote democratic and live in hollywood? >> eric: raising taxes is not the answer. allowing people to keep their hard earn money is the answer and the only way to bring growth back. growth is the gasoline that powers the american economy. >> kimberly: i like that. >> eric: then you can start. were you shaking your head when mr. bill kristol decided raising taxes is okay thing to do? >> kimberly: i was. i usually like what he has to say. it didn't love that. i didn't heart that. he agrees with axelrod so i really don't like that. let me tell you something, there wasn't a mandate here. charles krauthammer even said so. he didn't win by an enormous
2:31 am
amount to say all the americans are like tax me, tack me, break me and my family so there is nothing left. that is not the american dream. gawps can i get the conversation back on track. >> kimberly: look at the popular vote. just excuse me. 60% -- >> juan: excuse me, 60% said raising tax option the wealthy is a good idea. president obama ran on this. it wasn't a secret. he said that is my position. >> eric: 63% said don't raise taxes to your debt problems. did other polls suggest raising taxes on the wealthy was okay? we spend a lot of time in the last four years pointing out mr. obama with the class warfare attacks millionaires and billionaires more. did we take a step back in the con seventive movement with the comments? >> dana: i love about the republicans and conservatives everybody gets to have their say and big tent. i don't speak for anybody but i think what he was maybe trying to say is that the country is not going to fall
2:32 am
off in the ocean. but will we have a lower economy? slower growth? the constant threat of taxes is holding back the full economic growth. class warfare message worked but not in practice. political symbolism doesn't make for a good policy. that is the road they are trying to go down. house republicans are just conservative today as last month. >> juan: didn't the cbo say it wouldn't slow the economy? >> dana: the cbo said so many different things. gawp >> juan: oh, not fair. >> greg: it may not hurt us but we know raising taxes on a select group of millionaires doesn't do a damn bit of difference the deficit. we know that. screw compromise. nobody asks the left to compromise. all i want from the left is for them to stop calling me racist homophobe.
2:33 am
it won't agree with anyone who hates me, which is why my wife and i always fight. thanks to democrats, the society is g.o.p.ed by sensitivity. feelings matter more than facts. if you explain the welfare state and feeding giant monster of a government will crumble all of us, it's translated in to thanks to the democrats you don't like me. >> juan: hang on. >> greg: facts are mean. >> juan: you understand what the president has here and what the american people voted for was some fairness. if you are going to cut entitlement society that you are talking about, let's make sure that the burden -- >> kimberly: who is not paying taxes? stop it. you half of the people -- >> juan: you are talk about re-knew as well as cuts. >> kimberly: half of the people in this country carrying everybody else. that is the bottom line. hoof the people -- >> juan: i don't think i'm carrying a senior who paid in to social security or who is getting medicare. that person is not a bum, kimberly. >> kimberly: i didn't say they were so don't put words
2:34 am
in my mouth. that's not what i'm saying. erinous. we have a philosophy -- [ overtalk ] >> juan: want me to say it about veterans. >> eric: talk about food stamps. let's do that another day. nanny state strikes again by telling people not to eat meat on monday. greg takes that on the looney legislation from los angeles coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ buy 5-hour energy pink lemonade and ♪ ♪ you can help others along the way. ♪ ♪ a portion of every bottle that they sell goes to fight ♪ ♪ breast cancer and i think that's swell. ♪ ♪ the more you take, the more they'll pay, ♪ ♪ so make them write a big check today. ♪ ♪ and if you're feeling a little slow, ♪ ♪ then 5-hour energy will help you go. ♪ ♪ so buy a bottle of pink lemonade and ♪ ♪ you can help fight breast cancer today. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: so, denmark which is somewhere, has revealed their tax on fat content. a year after it became law. i'm for one i love me deep
2:39 am
fried wall rus bouncing late night in copenhagen. further shows how the progressive need to tax behavior ultimately burden society. as europe attempts to run from stupid ideas we run toward them. l.a. city council adopted a resolution for meatless monday. around most of the awful brutal world they have meatless weeks and months. they would be happier with please don't let me starve mondays. still, busy body say it will help folks heat healthier. the real reason for this, state of california ask can no longer afford meat. they'll add food stamp tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday. politicians don't care. they just care about remaking society through intrusion. how hilarious that the left accuses the right invading the bedrooms as they climb on your plate. call for a been a on meats in
2:40 am
california to fight obesity. ignore demand and forcing a pricier inevitable alternative. the poor stomach that. this is solyndra for your belly, which is why i feel like throwing up. meatless monday, good idea, bat idea? good/bad? >> juan: let me ask you a question. >> greg: sure. >> juan: you used to smoke. >> greg: i smoke periodically when i'm nervous. >> juan: is it a good idea to raise taxes on cigarettes to disincident americans from smoking? >> greg: i don't like it either. >> juan: smoking rates have gone down. >> greg: that's because we can't smoke certain places. >> dana: why do we want people to eat less meat? >> juan: my doctor said after you deal with cancer, maybe you should eat less red meat. >> greg: weight loss, carbohydrates are a bigger problem than protein.
2:41 am
so we have to tax poe they tee d red. quickest way to lose weight is limit carbs and up your protein. >> juan: you can eat chicken and fish. wall rus. >> dana: this is a war on rural america. they have the luxury -- this vote was 14-0. there wasn't even anybody who stood up and said maybe we should spend time doing something else? you have people in rural america working their butts off to make sure that everybody can go to chipotle to get any steak they want at any time of day for any sort of price across america. these looney tunes in los angeles decided this is what they should spend time on. >> greg: that is strong language. >> kimberly: home of looney tunes. >> eric: i think it's a great idea. >> kimberly: you don't eat meat. >> eric: not for that reason. you jump on me because i don't eat red meat.
2:42 am
here is how the system is working in this case. l.a. county decides they will float this thing. it passes and it passes l.a. county. fantastic. it's not the federal government saying you can't eat meat on monday. i'm for this, just like the nut jobs in california want to smoke pot. sorry, colorado, and california. knock yourself out. if you don't like it move away. that's the way the system is supposed to work. i disagree with the fact that you limit or borrow anything at any time but at least do it on the city level, county level or state level not federal. >> kimberly: i don't like this at all in fact. you personally just don't eat meat. >> eric: nor do i smoke pot and i'm glad -- >> kimberly: fine but i don't think people should telling others and controlling their lives and mouths and stomach and better than everything else. >> eric: move. move out of l.a. >> kimberly: i did. >> greg: people are moving. >> kimberly: to new york. where it's worse. >> greg: move out because of
2:43 am
regulations. >> juan: can i offer a left wing crazy -- >> kimberly: it's not fun anymore. >> juan: what about the advertiser sell kids colored, yellow cheetos stuff and say yeah, you should have this. what are the things you stick in the toaster? >> greg: pop tarts. just i don't know what nutritional value pop starts -- >> kimberly: stand down! stand down! >> greg: an amazing treasure. i can eat a box of pop tarts last week. in a closet. >> juan: that is cardboard, dude. >> greg: fantastic. what do you have against pop tarts? >> juan: i'm just saying. >> greg: it's a parent's decision not regulators. i use this as symbolic -- >> juan: the parents are there. the tvs are there. advertising. if you go corner store they have potato chip and pop tart and junk. >> greg: whose fault is that
2:44 am
that the parents are there? liberals. we allowed the family to crumble and we believe the government should replace the parent. that's what we are seeing. story of julia. >> dana: except in the bedroom. >> greg: stay out of my bedroom. >> kimberly: no one wants to be there. >> greg: but the fact is. i'm heating -- when i am in l.a., i double my meat intake. >> dana: you know they are running down to make sure they're not anemic and go to the fancy cocktail party they get the -- >> kimberly: they're delicious. pigs in the blanket. >> greg: we've had enough. coming up, nascar race devolves to chaos. what triggered the massive nascar brawl? well, if you leave now you will never know and how will you live with yourself? you won't. so don't. that simple. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> juan: what a crew we have in the house tonight. nascar race in phoenix turned in to a boxing match this weekend. it all started when legendary
2:49 am
nascar driver jeff gordon purposefully ran clint bowyer's car in last lap. after gordon jumps out of the car he is jumped from behind by crew mesneman of bowyer. full on full brawl between crews ensued. nascar has not said anyone involved in the fight will be punished. should it be allowed to go on? we go to the nascar expert. greg gutfeld. >> greg: well, i'll have you know, this isn't a brawl. this is how they do the wave at nascar. actually, they were congratulating him. this is why the g.o.p. wins wars but loses elections. >> dana: why? >> greg: i don't know. [ laughter ] >> kimberly: he didn't know anything. >> greg: this is a bunch of republicans. >> this is what romney's crew should have done to axelrod and messina. gone all out. >> dana: jumped from behind? >> eric: this is how we take care of middle america.
2:50 am
this is the right way to do stuff. if you mess with my car we beat you up. >> kimberly: this is boxing. i want to tell you something, i'm surprised. i know jeff gordon. we used to live in the same building. his wife is nice. i'm telling you, super nice, mellow and low key. something must have done really bad. >> dana: they said he had been ramming his car purposefully the whole season and he had had enough. that's why he went ahead -- >> juan: what is striking to me in the strategy. he had to slow down and wait to make this happen. and then start this. >> eric: this is a team, juan. you know, none of the drivers drive alone. they drive in teams. taking care of his teammates. compadres. shake and bake. >> dana: imagine if we resorted toed to physical violence on "the five" to differences. first, bob learned what it would be like on the dunk tank. but it doesn't seem like good sportsmanship to me.
2:51 am
>> greg: i like how you act as what if we resort to violence. >> dana: i don't hit anybody. >> greg: if america knew what you do in green room before you come out, the horrible thing you do to the stylist. remember that sometime she threw that scalding cup of coffee on that lady? right in her face. >> eric: she stole that ball from the place in tampa. >> greg: i know. >> kimberly: she ate everything on the cheese plate and i got angry. just i prefer to think of her -- >> juan: i prefer to think of her as our angel. >> greg: hell's angel. >> dana: they used to scare me. biker gangs. my grandparents would be in wyoming and we'd visit and bikers would be headed up to sturgis. it was really loud and scare me. >> kimberly: could you reach the predals? so cute. >> dana: big wheel.
2:52 am
you still drive one. >> eric: can we talk about bloomberg? this man should be fired for what he has done. ninth avenue and tenth avenue. >> andreathere are six lanes. bloomberg has taken the two right lanes, not very right lane but the second to right lane and made at it parking lane. the other lane is a turning lane. no idea what he is doing. >> juan: speaking of nascar. you two have nascar sensibility. this mayor is trying to have bike lanes, trying to organize traffic. so you have more pedestrians. >> kimberly: c'mon! he endorsed obama because he wants to be head of the world bank. i'm on to you. >> juan: stick with us. guess what? as greg would say, you will be crying in your soup if you miss one more thing. that is up next. ♪ ♪ 
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>> dana: all right. time for one more thing. veterans day, one thing you know i love are dogs. i love seasonals. watch the dogs welcoming home the soldiers from the deployment. wonderful video. great charities online where you can help foster a dog for a soldier when they are away. sevenning their country. certainly the homecomings are
2:57 am
the most fantastic things. they never get old. that dog is so happy. thanks to all the veterans and people who help take care of their dogs. >> eric: fantastic. >> dana: you can go next. >> eric: i do? >> dana: yes. >> eric: "saturday night live," sometimes you have to laugh. this is a great skit. go. >> hello, mitt. >> hello karl rove. >> i still think you can win ohio. >> look, how might not be the best time, but could i borrow $300 million? >> i'm okay! >> eric: drowning his sorrows with milk. >> dana: that was good. good to laugh over the weekend. juan? >> juan: i went to the movies this weekend but i apparently i wasn't the only one. "sky fall" the new james bond movie opened and there were $88 million spent. biggest opening for a bond
2:58 am
movie. really, just tremendous reviews from the critics who seem to love it. a little too much action for me. i would like more story but i am an old man. you know what i mean. pretty good movie. so my grandson today i understand went to see "wrecking ralph" and he love that. i have to check in with him. >> dana: i have no idea what that is. >> kimberly: i think it's supposed to be cute. >> greg: james bond at the end. >> kimberly: you haven't seen the movie, not so funny you said that. >> dana: wow. >> juan: stuff on you. >> kimberly: spoiler. >> greg: tonightly be on "hannity" to talk about this. then 9:45 east coast time. "red eye" and tomorrow i'll be on "fox & friends got talk about the agony of sweaty palms. no, actually, my book. >> dana: when you do
2:59 am
"hannity" and "fox & friends" do you go to bed? >> greg: no. i sit around if greenroom. >> juan: hold up the book, buddy. >> dana: right there. you look lake daniel craig in that. >> kimberly: you just gave him a big compliment. >> dana: kimberly, take us out. >> kimberly: we want to give a special thanks to all the veterans who have sevened and are serving around the world. some of them in places that most americans haven't heard of or don't know exist. countless sacrifices by them and the family to support the country through thick and thin and different administration because of the great love and passion they have as americans. thank you so much. god bless you all. happy birthday to the marine corps. they celebrated another one this weekend. >> dana: i love veterans day. it help mess remember my grandparents and my grandfathers who once served in the pacific and the other in europe in world war ii. i'm sure you


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